Custom Learndash Dashboard with Frontend Course Creation for Instructors & your e-Learning Team

Focus on teaching, not technicalities with a simplified and access-restricted Instructor Learndash Dashboard

“Instructor Dashboard: Easy Course Creation and Management Without Admin Access and Complex Backend Hassles.”

Learndash instructor role Frontend Course Creator

Instructor Role: Made for LearnDash, by e-Learning experts


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Happy Customers​

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WisdmLabs understands what LearnDash users want, and are passionate about helping their customers succeed.
Justin Ferriman
Co-founder, Advisor, LearnDash

Version 5.7.0

Works Best with

WordPress 6.4.2
LearnDash 4.10.2
WooCommerce 8.5.0
PHP 8.1.27
Last updated – 18th Jan, 2024

Add Multiple Instructors and give Learndash Dashboard Access

Empower Instructors with Dedicated Instructor Roles for LearnDash Access.

Customize Instructor Capabilities for Precise Control.

Ensure content quality by enabling Admin approval for publishing courses.

What a nice and needed addition to LearnDash! I'm still exploring, but happy to be able to cooperate more easily with other teachers, without having to give them too much rights in the admin area and clarity in financial aspects. Cheers!
Ronald De Caluwe

Effortless Course Creation with Frontend Course Creator

Frontend course creation experience with decluttered and simplified interface.

Empower Instructors to create courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes effortlessly with full Elementor support

Intuitive Frontend Course Creator with All LearnDash Features.

Course Sharing with Multiple Instructors allowing admin and other instructor to collaborate on a course

This plugin was the only solution i could find to solve the issue of allowing users to create courses without giving them access to my backend. It has allowed me to open up my platform to the entire community and helped me turn turn my lMS into a profitable business...
Anthony Blagrove

Frontend Instructor Dashboard: Fully Customizable & Extendable

Newly Launched

Simplified UI with visually appealing design to create intuitive Instructor workflow

Gutenberg block based Instructor Dashboard fully customizable and control what instructors can access.

With powerful dashboard builder block, add any kind of content / functionalities via Gutenberg blocks.

Instructor Learndash Dashboard is perfect for Course, Quiz creation, Instructor Commission, WooCommerce Product, Assignments, Essays and Maintenance.

Front end dashboard is with Neat & Clean UI. It not only reduces the clutter for the instructor but is also better from cyber security perspective. In addition to this, we can surely bet on WisdmLabs great support team to add almost all the features that we see at the back end to front end in future. My BEST Wishes to Team WisdmLabs with this new launch which has a lot of potential.

Instructor Dashboard with Robust Course-Selling Tools

Instructors are provided access to WooCommerce to create course products

Commission logs: Keep track of the payments you have made to your instructors

Instructor commissions: Set a commission percentage for each instructor or teacher.

Automated payouts via PayPal

The instructor role plugin works well with my needs. I have a portal of online courses with a lot of different instructors who can see their commissions and maintain their own courses. I wanted a few tweaks and the support team always answers fast ...
Jenny Mellåker
4 Star Rating for the Demo Experience

Your Exclusive Frontend Learndash Dashboard Sandbox: Customize, Create, and Explore!

Newly launched

Frontend Instructor Dashboard

Fully customizable and extendable Learndash frontend dashboard for Instructors and Admin.

Frontend Course

Instructors can create course via simplified and intuitive interface on the frontend.

Taking the demo was a game-changer for All our users. It’s the best way to discover the features of
Frontend Learndash Dashboard!

Take Demo, Fill Survey, Get 10% Off on the Frontend Instructor Dashboard!

Instructor Learndash Dashboard Features

Instructor Learndash Dashboard : Unleash the Possibilities!

With Instructors Role and Frontend Learndash Dashboard feature

Onboard External Instructors/ Trainer/ Coaches

Onboard External Instructors/ Trainer/ Coaches

Expand your course creation team by providing a secured way to create and manage courses on your website

Empower your  team to create courses easily

Empower your team to create courses easily

With the Frontend course creator and dashboard enable your teammates to create courses seamlessly without getting stuck into the WordPress backend Maze

Build a Course Marketplace

Build a Course Marketplace

Set up a automated Instructor onboarding with instructor registration form, and allow them to create and sell courses on your platform. Efficiently manage all instructors, their earnings and control what they can access

Monetize your community

Monetize your community

Set up a secure, simple instructor work flow for your community members to create and sell courses on your platform

Delegate your course and Learner management

Delegate your course and Learner management

with a customizable Instructor dashboard, let others manage your courses, while you focus on the business growth.

Customer Love for Frontend Learndash Dashboard

The beauty of the Instructor Role plugin is how it facilitates a delegation of responsibilities, that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of the growing e-learning website. It frees administrators from involvement in common everyday course tasks, allowing them to focus on more difficult administrativ read more...
Matija Kasapovic
Owner of | Affiliate Marketer | Blogger
I am building an e-learning website, and I needed a good and powerful LMS. After a lot of research, I finally found that LearnDash was a good fit for me, I bought and installed it but unfortunately, there were many features I needed that was not included. That's where I got in touch with Wisdm team, and af read more...
Martin Ronfort
The Instructor Role plugin is an essential part of our website, as it gives clients the ability to manage their course material themselves. The plugin is easy to set up and reliable. WisdmLabs have even been kind enough to customize it slightly for our specific use case. The support team at WisdmLabs has b read more...
Mike Curry
WisdmLabs Instructor Role is helping us to extend the offer of our e-learning platform. With this plugin, We are able to offer B2B and B2C an additional service: the possibility to create internal use only and external courses, i.e. for internal training, customer support or sales on our product catalogue. read more...
Nicola Accialini
Senior Consultant
If you use LearnDash and WordPress as your platform for creating an LMS, then you should be using the brilliant range of products from WisdmLabs. Their Instructor Role Add-on is second to none. It filled the gap necessary for us to provide interactive learning material for our staff and affiliates in an ex read more...
Nima Shirazi
Manager | MIE (Thailand) Company Limited
The WISDMLABS team is professional, willing to take on any customization job and always responds in a timely manner. One of the most helpful and committed customer support teams I've had the privilege to work with.
David Boswel
Teacher at
Very Good plugin with the BEST of support This extension is kind of the reason I went for LearnDash, knowing that I would be able to have multiple authors in my site. The extension says what it does, though I think they should make the backend neater and a bit more professional. For my personal taste I had read more...
Yanur Islam Piyash
Managing Director
I am a happy customer of WISDMLABS. I interacted a few times with their support.
It is not much to say: The support is prompt and nicely guided. And if you need a small coding to make your life easier, they will be glad to help you with th read more...
Florin Nicola
We were looking for the perfect solution to allow vetted instructors to teach courses using our platform. We came across Wisdmlabs and they provided the exact solution we were looking. We now use several of their powerful plugins to make our site even more robust. Their tech support has been incredible, so read more...
Marty Jean-Louis
We have been very delighted to work with WisdmLabs and have found their LearnDash plugins to be highly innovative and complement our projects very well. Online support is phenomenal and they have been incredibly receptive in guiding our questions. Recent releases have been particularly exciting and we are read more...
Bernard Street
I've purchased 3 WisdmLabs licences in the past - for myself and my employers. I have found the 'Course Cloner' to be especially helpful, as I often need to re-work course materials for different teams. The 'Instructor Role' was a hit because it allowed us to set up sales commissions on an instructor-by-in read more...
Jessika Jake
Learning & Development Manager,

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Regular Updates
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Receive all updates that roll out for Wisdm Instructor Role
Instructor Role updates roll out every now and then. These updates include compatibility updates, bug fixes, hotfixes, tweaks, and many other major changes.
Dedicated Support
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Relentless support for Wisdm Instructor Role Plugin
Be stress-free with comprehensive assistance once you purchase the Instructor Role plugin. Get rid of pesky bugs with our support for Wisdm Instructor Role plugin.
Add a new ‘Instructor’ user role
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Create LearnDash Course Instructors who can develop and manage courses
Allow multiple instructors to create courses including lessons, topics, quizzes, and certificates with an intuitive Instructor Dashboard. Let the courses be published automatically or after your approval - the choice is yours.
1-hour Expert Consultation
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Get trusted advice from your plugin/theme authors
Discover how the plugin/theme can benefit you in the best way possible on a 1-on-1 call. On plugin/theme purchase, share your business requirements and our product expert will guide you and provide you an efficient solution for your challenges.
Test Site License
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Keep your data backed up with a test license for your staging environment
Test all plugins or add-ons on your staging environment before going live, with an additional License.
Easily create & manage courses
Share Courses Among Multiple Instructors
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Assign Multiple Instructors on LearnDash for a Course
Share course management responsibilities among multiple instructors. The admin and the primary instructor of the course can assign other instructors to the course having the same subject knowledge.
Restrict Instructor Access
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Ensure improved site security with controlled access for instructors
Toss out your security worries. Instructors have limited capabilities and access to make sure they don't interfere with LearnDash settings or view courses created by others.
Improve Student-Instructor Communication
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Instructors can directly send emails to Students or respond to Student comments
With an option to directly email enrolled students from the admin panel, instructors can notify them of any updates or give them quick feedback.
Approve/Disapprove changes before they go live
Track & Manage Instructor Commissions
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Set fixed commissions for Instructors for paid courses
You can set a fixed percentage of commissions per Instructor for paid courses. The Instructor Role plugin automatically takes care of calculating the commission earned on every course purchase.
Commission Payments with PayPal Payouts
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Direct and easy commission payments
Admins can now pay commissions to instructors directly and effortlessly from their website using PayPal Payouts. The payments are sent directly into the Instructors PayPal account.
Dedicated Instructor Profile Page
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Professional and customizable instructor profile page like Udemy
Instructors can use this space to add details such as their photo, bio, expertise, qualification, courses created, ratings, and so on. Profile pages give instructors credibility and help them showcase their personality
Sell Courses Created by Instructors
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Instructor Role integrates with WooCommerce and EDD
You can sell individual, multiple, or bundled LearnDash courses created by an Instructor using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.
Create Unlimited Instructors
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Have as many Instructors as you need
There isn't a limit on the number of ‘Instructors’ you can create or add. You can keep adding instructors to add more courses on your site or to manage your growing number of students.
Let Instructors Access Student Reports
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Improve student assessment by allowing access to student reports
Make it easy for instructors to monitor student performance and improve learning using course-specific reports.
Notify Instructors for Every Activity
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Send email notifications on Course Purchase and Quiz Completion and other triggers
Speed up assesments by instantaneously sending out quiz completion emails to instructors.
Assign Instructors as Group Leaders
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Allow Instructors to access LearnDash groups
The instructors have access to the group which has students enrolled into their courses. The instructors can either be the group leader themselves or can assign any other user enrolled in their course as the group leader.
Export Student Course Progress Data in a Click
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Easy export of student course progress
The instructor can export their student data on the course progress, date of course completion, lessons/topics completed, etc
WISDM Group Registration - $80
Sign up Groups to Simplify Bulk Enrollment
Automatically create groups and assign group leaders
Front end Group Management
Re-invite Group Members
Add/Remove Group Leader or Members
WISDM Ratings, Reviews and Feedback - $80
Rating System
Review System
Feedback System
Restrict Feedback
Restrict Feedback
Conditional Settings
Customize the email Template
WISDM Reports for LearnDash Free
All Courses Reports (Summary View)
Completion time per course Report
Course Completion rate Report
Pass rate of all courses Report
Course-specific Reports
Drilled-down course reports (Lesson/Topic/Quiz/Assignment)
Course Enrollment Graphs
Course Revenue Graph
WISDM Content Cloner for LearnDash
Duplicate courses, save and rename courses in archives
WISDM Instructor Role
$99 $80
You Save: $19
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Save up to 60% by purchasing lifetime license and get lifetime updates and support for up to 3 years.
WISDM Instructor Role
$99 $80
You Save: $19
IR LearnDash Advisor
$218 $121
You Save: $97
LearnDash Essential Addons Pack
$320 $131
You Save: $189

*By purchasing lifetime license you get 3 years of support and lifetime updates.

15 Day Risk-free Money Back Guarantee!

15 Day Risk-free Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee you a complete refund for new purchases or renewals within 15 days of purchase.


Basically only LearnDash. But if the admin is using WooCommerce and wants the Instructor to create products via the dashboard, then the LearnDash WooCommerce integration plugin, which they would need by default for LearnDash and WooCommerce to work.

Yes, certainly. Instructors can create paid courses and sell them using the WooCommerce add-on for LearnDash. They can associate courses with products inside our dashboard.

The admins can pay instructors their commissions to their PayPal address directly from the website. We do show a Summary of commissions on the dashboard.

Only the admin and the original instructor of the course can assign other instructors to the course. The secondary instructors with whom the course is shared cannot share the course with other instructors.

Yes, we offer LearnDash Customization services for specific requirements.
The Frontend Dashboard is a powerful feature designed to provide instructors and administrators with a user-friendly interface on the frontend of their e-learning website. It enables easy management of courses, quizzes, lessons, and other essential tasks without the need to access the WordPress backend. See Demo
Once you have installed and Updated the IR plugin, you will be greeted by a welcoming screen to set up your frontend dashboard. Click on the "Configure" button to proceed. Or even if you did not proceed with onboarding flow , you can configure the frontend dashboard later in the instructor setting by clicking on the create a new dashboard page link in Instructor frontend dashboard setting. Installation Documentation
The Frontend Dashboard provides various settings for customization, such as font selection, color schemes, and page templates. You can easily tailor the frontend dashboard's appearance to align with your brand's identity. Customization Documentation
Absolutely, your instructors can create courses on the frontend. For a demonstration, please refer to this Link. You can also find detailed instructions in our documentation.
Certainly! You can achieve this using our course sharing feature. To learn more about this feature, visit the "Features" section on the landing page or access the demo here.

Instructor Role: Ratings and Reviews

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